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✨Angel of Clarity - Natural✨

✨Angel of Clarity - Natural✨

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This golden beauty will give you clarity of mind, expanding your awareness around unconscious assumptions as it provides pure insight💫

It also comes with a gorgeous Natural Citrine Crystal which gives mental clarity.

Being in contact with this light generating crystal it will boost your creativity, visualisation powers and confidence. 💛


The affirmation card that comes with this Intention Angel is….

✨ I allow my intuition and the angels to show me what I physically cannot see.

✨ I let go of all assumptions and invite in pure insight. 


😇 Intention Angels are handcrafted angels that have been made with love.

😇 Each Angel is completely unique as they are individually made. So no two Angels are ever the same.

😇 Due to each Intention Angel being unique, the one you will receive will slightly differ from the one pictured.

😇 Intention Angels all differ slightly in size but average about 21cms long x 15cms wide.  

😇 Each Intention Angel comes with a crystal on it and an intention card with affirmations so you can work with your Angel at home.

😇 All Angels have been cleansed with sage and their intention set on them to support you in your daily practice. 🙏💫


To keep your Angel charged up with its intention.

Each month put it on a window sill under the rays of the full moon and say the intention it comes with out loud to reset its energetic intention💫✨


Available only in NZ.

All items will be shipped within 1 - 3 business days.

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