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I am here to be your lighthouse and guide you back to shore so you can start reclaiming back YOUR life again after cancer treatment.
You deserve to be happy and living a life you LOVE!

Life After Cancer Treatment

When you are diagnosed with cancer it is like you are a sinking ship. 
Everyone comes out to help you. 
The surgeon
The oncologist
The hospital
Your friends 
Your family

They come to your rescue, fix the holes and tow your boat to safety. 
The only problem is that they don’t tow you to the shore.
They only towed you to the harbor entrance and then say ‘off you go, you will be fine from here’…….
Though you are not. 
You are still adrift and everyone has gone and left you alone to find your way back.

You feel broken, exhausted, misunderstood. Life as you knew it is no longer the same. Your emotions are all over the place and things that used to be simple tasks, are now triggers that your brain subconsciously has stored in its memory bank that takes you completely by surprise when you least expect it.

That is where I come in as the lighthouse standing on the shore to shine the light on your path and guide you back to where you belong. 
I will be here to guide and navigate you with tools to increase your confidence and start living life again as the absolutely incredible person you truly are and supporting life after cancer.

How do I know?
I’ve walked that path. 
I have walked in your shoes, with the soles wearing thin and unsure of which way to turn. 
I was left adrift for years and wish I to had found someone to show me the light and guide me back to shore. 
I know you are worthy and you can do it as I did to.

So what is it I do? I am a Life After Cancer Coach who will guide you to finding your passion in life again. Together we will co-create a life you love and are ecstatic about so you can get living again. How can you work with me?

-1 on 1 Embracing Life After Cancer 90 day Programme (below)

-Online 6 week self paced course (coming soon)

Which ever way best suits you, I look forward to supporting you through your journey of rediscovering who you now are.

“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.” ― Oprah Winfrey

1 on 1 Embracing Life After Cancer Programme

This is a powerful 90 day 1 on 1 programme designed for you to take back full control of your life and start living it again. I will give you tools and resources so you can wake up feeling confident, alive, excited and safe again. I will guide your way to a life which you might be struggling to imagine at this time.

Along the way I will share with you my own personal journey from which I received powerful results. Some of these tools may also work, though we are looking to find the ones that are the right fit for you. No two people are the same and together we will find what your toolbox looks like.


Sessions 1 – 4 We focus on setting up the body, working towards wellness and doing the foundation work so you are set up for success.

Sessions 5 – 8 This is when we discover what makes you happy and healthy. By doing mindset work we work on your limiting beliefs and getting you ready for creating your new phenomenal self.  

Sessions 9 – 12 Now its time for the exciting stage of creating the vision what your new YOU looks like! Making an action plan on how to move forward and embrace this incredible person you have come out the other side as.


I’m here to guide you every step of the way and shine a light on your path as you reclaim back your new life. I know you can do this with guidance and support and I am here to be your cheerleader and accountability partner. You have what it takes!

The programme runs for a 90 day period with 12 sessions (once a week)

I encourage you to book a FREE Discovery session with me to see if we are a good fit for working with each other, because lets face it that part is super important! I will also explain more about what life coaching is and what to expect from me. Its time to start living again. Now is the time!

It's time to start living again!

Let me guide you to a future of love, dreams and happiness.

Are you ready to draw the line in the sand, move forward and step up as the powerful survivor that you absolutely are? 

Now is the time! Make and appointment and lets connect.

Where can you find me?

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