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About me

I was about to write the usual spiel about being a wife, mum to two boys who keep me on my toes who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and all the rest of the fluffy stuff….. 

Though that seriously is not what you are on this page to read about right? 

I am a triple negative, stage 3 breast cancer survivor who has been through shit loads. Yep you heard right, shit loads! As we all have, who have ever been diagnosed and trying to move on after cancer.

I used to think that once my cancer treatment was finished, that would be the end of my journey to some extent and that life would go back to how it was……
I tried as hard as I could to slot back into life, work, family etc though I still felt lost, angry, scared and anxious.
Part of me had changed forever and I did not know how to deal with it. Social media was not around as much as it is now and support groups were few and far between for young people.
I used to think that everyone else came out of their journey grateful for life and so much appreciation for everything.
That was not the case for me and I wondered why…..
Why was life so cruel?
Why had I gone through all that and come out angry?
Why was I petrified of recurrence?
Why was I so damn tired and felt so vulnerable?
Why was I disappointed and suffering with survivors guilt?
Why did I no longer feel like me?
Why did no one understand me?
Now I have realised that these feelings are SO normal but yet they are not talked about enough.
For the survivors who have made it out the other side to understand what to expect and what they are going through.
For the families, friends and colleges to realise that they have changed.
We need to talk about it more.
The journey has not finished at all!
A new chapter on that journey has just started instead.
It took me 8 years to start getting to that place and now I can honestly say that I am finally here.
Has it been easy?

It is my absolute passion and mission in life to empower other survivors to overcome survivors guilt, anger, fear and anxiety that comes after treatment, so they can reclaim back their life after cancer and rediscover the phenomenal person who they are now. 

I wish I had someone show me the way 8 years ago once I had finished my treatment. Having walked in your shoes, I can totally relate and be that person for you through my experience and training. I am here as your Life After Cancer Coach to guide YOU to be truly happy and fulfilled after coming out of treatment so you can learn tools to THRIVE like I have!

“I’ve learned that fear is simply an illusion based on past experiences that we project into the present and onto the future.” - Gabrielle Bernstein

My Journey

My life journey WILL be different from yours, your neighbours, your friends, their friends and so on. Everyones life is different and that is what makes us, US! 

That does not make what I’ve been through any less or more significant that what you have been through. Though I do hope my story will inspire you in some way, shape or form.

This is my journey (the short version)……

I was travelling back from the UK in May 2008 with my husband and then 2 year old son when I found a small mobile lump the size of a pea in my left breast. I did not panic or think anything too much of it as I previously had cysts before and was only 30 so I thought too young to be anything else.

To cut a long winded story short I came back home to Christchurch and got it checked out. Much to my shock I was then diagnosed with breast cancer. That moment and those words are something I will never forget! I was dealing with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer estimated to being about 5cms in size! From there my life just completely changed. 

Now this is where for me, all starts getting a little foggy as my memory isn’t as good as it used to be (I wish I had kept a more detailed journal).

I had a mastectomy on the left breast and straight away had first stage of IVF to do embyro storage before chemo could start. Then was 6 rounds of chemo 6 weeks apart. Once that was done I had a bit of a break before having a mastectomy on my right breast and breast expanders put in under the skin to stretch it ready for my reconstruction with implants. 

Then mid 2017 one of my implants didn’t feel right. After a series of scans, ultrasounds etc it was confirmed that my right one was ruptured. Because of all the self love and mindset work on myself I decided I was happy to have them removed as I felt I no longer needed them to feel like a woman. So on the 7th June 2018 I went flat and I’m proud. 

Going flat has given me a new sense of who I am. A new love for my body and I’m confident I did what I believed was right for me.

Over the period of the last 10 years I have learn’t so much, experienced a lot and have put what I have taken from my journey into a program to help many others. 

I am now here to be your Life After Cancer Coach and guide YOU to be truly happy and fulfilled after coming out of treatment so you to can learn tools to THRIVE like I to have!

It's time to start living again!

Let me guide you to a future of love, dreams and happiness.

Are you ready to draw the line in the sand, move forward and step up as the powerful survivor that you absolutely are?

Now is the time! Make an appointment and lets connect.


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